What is a storyboard and why do I need one?

A storyboard is an outline, usually illustrated, that is used in the planning of a television show, movie or commercial. A storyboard provides a visual layout of events as they are to be seen through the camera lens. Using computer software (or just a simple pen and paper!) artists and movie makers use the storyboard to illustrate a series of “frames” which represent a particular scene. Preparation is an essential part of being a superstar filmmaker and storyboards help directors and filmmakers visualize scenes as well as plan difficult and complicated shots.

Okay. Great. So what does a storyboard actually look like?

Check out how the pros do it before you start planning your own cinematic masterpiece!

Now I know what a storyboard is how do I get started?

Luckily, we’ve created our own MyState Film Festival storyboard for you to use! Download your own storyboard here: